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Dept. of Farm Machinery And Power Engineering – Dadasaheb Mokashi College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology

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Dept. of Farm Machinery And Power Engineering

The Department of Farm Machinery and Power, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering leads to the application of engineering principles and technology in agricultural production, storage and processing on the farm. It is charged with the responsibilities of designing, developing and testing indigenous technologies for crop production and processing. Consequently, the department has the following sub-programmes in order to achieve its mandate:

  1. Farm Power
  2. Soil Tool Mechanics and Machinery System Development and Management
  3. Ergonomics and Farm Management.



  1. Mechanization will boost the food production which will lead to exportation of the excess in the production so as to generate income for the country through foreign exchange earnings.
  2. Farm mechanization had improved the level of information dissemination within and outside agriculture.
  3.  Farm mechanization reduces drudgery in farm work
  4. Farm mechanization improves the productivity of farm workers.
  5. Farm mechanization increases the timeliness and quality of farm work
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